Neon Light Colour Options

Click on the links below to view photos and cases of each color that you can find the color you like quickly

Green Orange Deep pink 
White Golden yellow Light Pink
Ice blue Lemon yellow        Purple 
Deep blue Cyan Red        
Electric blue


deep pink neon signswarm and cold whitegreen&red neon lightYellow neon signcyan neon light signsElectric bule neon light


RGB colour neon signs


neon light sign colour

Neon Sign Light Options—Single Colour

Check out our standard single colour neon lights, available in 24 different static colours. Choose the shade that best suits your theme and enjoy! Every neon sign is top quality with vivid and bright LED lights. 

Neon Sign Light Options—Multi Toned

Our multi toned neon signs include more than one static colour. We don't charge extra for multiple colours, so choose as many as you like!

Single Colour

 Multi toned

Neon Sign Light Options—RGB Colour Changing

Looking for something even bigger and brighter? Our RGB colour changing neon signs offer you top quality LED lights which include 15+ colours in one, allowing you to choose the shade you'd like your sign to be at any given moment.

Neon Sign Light Options—UV Printing

UV printing uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed, allowing us to create sharp, vibrant neon signs. It's the perfect option for logos/images with detailed or complex designs.

RGB Colour Changing

UV Printing