Neon Light Options

Neon Sign Light Options—Single Color

Check out our standard single color neon lights, available in nine beautiful colors. Choose the color that best suits your theme and enjoy! Every neon sign is top quality with vivid and bright lights. The amazing colors we offer are: we offer are

  • Purple
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Sky blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow

Neon Sign Light Options—Multi-color

Want different colors for different moods and different themes? We've got you covered. Check out our top notch multicolor neon lights which include 15+ colors in the one sign! Flick from a calming white or bright red, to a vivid green or pretty pink.

Set the mood with the remote controlled dimming feature and flashing color patterns. Revitalize your day and brighten up your night with these beautiful multi-color neon lights!

Neon Sign Light Options—Full Color

Looking for something even bigger and brighter? Our full color neon signs offer you top quality LED lights that show more than 21 colors simultaneously with preset digital pattern.

What’s more is the ability to set your sign to one color if you want a single shade to shine through. Classic dimming features and flashing patterns controlled by remote are another plus point.

Get the coolest neon lights and use it for any occasion you like. These are the perfect choice whether you want to sit tight and relax or rock 'n roll with your peeps.