Love Neon Sign for Home Decor

      This collection is all about LOVE. These neon sign express love through text, images or both. Spread the love at your event or space by adding a love quote, love heart or the word "love" neon sign today!

      Embrace a piece of History with love neon signs

      Neon signs have existed for a long time. The first lit glass tube tests date back to the 1600s, and the neon sign as we know it today has been around for about 100 years. The first neon sign was purchased by a Parisian barber just two years after a French engineer created the neon bulb, making its marketing potential clear from the start.

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      Neon signs have long been used by businesses to greet visitors, proclaim their presence, and even emphasize the distinctiveness of their operation. However, neon signs have also regularly been used in households for parties, events, and home decoration. Our neon signs are one such piece of decor.

      Neon signs love Conserve Energy

      The lighting industry has a long history of using excessive energy when it comes to light signs. Neon signs love, however, use less energy to provide an even brighter image. In order to save money and energy, businesses and households do not have to give up on the concept of bright lights.

      Neon Signs Last Longer Than Traditional Lighting

      It takes a lot of time and money to replace light signs. As a result, no company or individual wants to keep paying someone to erect an illuminated sign over and over again in their commercial area, workplace, or home.

      Compared to traditional lighting, love neon lights last exceedingly longer. In fact, they can outlast traditional lights by 25 times and provide thousands more hours of display time. These signs do not dim like normal lights since neons do not run the risk of gas leakage.This ensures that love neon lights keep illuminating your house for years to come.

      Neon lights are very easy to manage

      Traditional light signs are heavy and hard to maintain. They are also thin in size and do not include tubes. Users can thus take advantage of signs that are bold and brilliant while also being simple to move on and off their display mounts.

      While normal lights may only provide flashing lights, neon love signs can also give color changes, flickering and flashing features, and moving messages. This enables the greatest degree of mobility and versatility while on exhibit.

      Neon signs are safe to use

      It's incorrect to believe that a neon sign may start a fire, burn down, or even leak deadly gases. Neon signs don't heat up or crack as conventional glass signs do. Love neon signs are even safe for young children, as they are cool to the touch.

      Neon signs are not at all dangerous because they are powered by very little voltage, contrary to another misconception that some people have about them.

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