Open Sign

      Oh, the Open Signs! And their ability to pull customers to you. Anyone walking on the street finds himself compelled to visit that place with a vibrant open sign. It’s like inviting your customers even when you are not there. Not to forget the potential of gaining free publicity for your business when people love to take photos with an attractive background.

      Custom open sign for an attention-grabbing storefront

      With most customers moving to online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores must work hard to stand out. Remember, appearance matters, and you must try to draw clients.

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      The good news is that enhancing the appearance of your store is simple.

      It would be best if you had a few essential things: cleanliness, appealing touches, and the ever-required custom open sign. An open sign made of LED or neon informs customers that your store is open for business and serves as an invitation at the door.

      Build a welcoming store with a “we are open neon sign”

      "We are open neon sign" or mr and mrs neon sign is crucial for letting potential consumers know when they can come in and purchase the goods or services they want. They also offer assurance that the store is open and running generally during regular days and hours.

      Research indicates that posting a "custom open sign" outside your place of business can increase customer traffic by 10%!

      Customers will feel more secure about their purchase if they know they can return in time.

      Hence, ensure your storefront has the proper "we are open sign" if you're serious about expanding your business and increasing sales.

      Keep in mind the significance of a custom open sign for business. These signs give confidence that the company is open and running according to schedule.

      The History of custom open signs

      For a long time, a custom open sign has been a standard in the corporate sector. But in the early 1900s, French inventor George Claude introduced the neon sign at the Paris Motor Show, one of the most significant developments in open signs.

      Since then, a long yet rich history of the custom open sign has emerged in American culture. In the 1920s, neon signs were introduced to the United States and cost as much as a few thousand dollars. If a business could install a custom neon sign, it was a "sign" that it was doing well.

      However, the traditional neon open sign became a standard for businesses in the 1980s. But as technology developed, manufacturers began providing businesses with more options to customize their neon signs.

      What is the significance of a custom open sign for your business?

      For most people, a custom neon sign might seem insignificant; however, it is far from the truth! A custom "we are open neon sign" is a vital piece of the puzzle that can either lose or win customers. Customers may think you're closed if your were open sign is broken, so they may choose to visit your competitor

      That said, a custom open sign is also a sign of hope. Whether customers are battling a winter storm to get supplies or seeking to locate an open business during a pandemic, a were open sign serves as a beacon of connectivity between companies and customers.

      If your company is located in a strip mall or by a busy road, you should offer a warm place where customers may stop for lunch or drop off their dry cleaning. Hence, spend some time concentrating on your storefront, and stock up if any features, such as a custom were open sign, are missing.