Custom Neon Signs Chicago

Neon lights may evoke memories of the glitzy lettering seen in tourist areas like Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip. However, these bright fixtures are increasingly appearing in living rooms, offices, gyms, and other places. Already one of the hottest home ideas this year, a Chicago neon sign provides a touch of nostalgia and an unexpected edge to your interior.

neon sign Chicago
neon signs Chicago

The history of neon signs Chicago

Originally invented in France, neon signs arrived in the United States in the 1920s, serving as flashy outdoor advertising for automobile dealerships before being adopted by various companies.

A neon sign greeted customers at restaurants, bars, roadside motels, and other businesses in Chicago during the subsequent decades as they illuminated towns both small and large.

Personalize your very own neon sign Chicago

One of the great things about neon signs Chicago is that you can customize them to your liking. No matter where you decide to put your sign, it is sure to add color and light to your space. Neon is a unique approach to grabbing attention that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Create a unique brand name with neon signs in Chicago

Employ your neon signs Chicago as the center of the space, whether you opt for a custom one or buy something off the shelf. Mount it in a unique location, such as above the fireplace or sofa, or at the end of a corridor. When placed in minimalist spaces, your 21 neon sign Chicago light will stand out as a unique addition that attracts attention and starts a conversation.

Never miss out on a neon sign repair in Chicago

Even though a Chicago neon sign has a long lifespan, it may eventually require maintenance or repair.

If the issue is with the lights brightness or if there is only a little gas issue, you can easily consider a neon sign repair in Chicago. Thankfully, replacing some aspects of a neon sign won't require much time or money, as compared to buying a whole new sign.

Chicago neon signs
custom neon signs Chicago

Earn complements through the Chicago skyline neon sign

You can use a Chicago skyline neon sign with different styles and themes to create unique, elegant displays, no matter how you decide to utilize it. There’s no reason why a Chicago skyline neon sign cannot be employed as an eye-catching piece of decor, regardless of whether you are a minimalist or prefer a flamboyant design.

Increase your brand appeal through custom neon signs in Chicago

The popularity of custom neon signs in Chicago means they are available in various different styles. Additionally, Chicago custom signs let you produce designs that reflect your personality. You typically have the option to choose the sign's size, color, font, and text. Consider your favorite song lyrics, a funny remark, or a nickname that describes your family or business.

Benefits of installing custom signs in Chicago

There are many reasons to install custom signs in Chicago, and people are beginning to agree.


Even though red is the neon industry's go-to color, there are now a variety of other colors that may be used to create signs that complement a brand or add a splash of color to a space.


Chicago custom signs come in a range of size, and as they are hand bent, it's possible to "neonize" nearly any style that employs a constant stroke width.


It's practically impossible to miss these neon lights in Chicago. Neon is one of the finest techniques for business owners and marketing managers to make their stores visible.

custom signs Chicago
custom neon signs Chicago

Art form

Custom signs in Chicago are an actual work of art. You just need to glance at a few of them to see how pleasing they are to the eye.


A neon sign in Chicago glows rather than lighting up, like most conventional light sources. As a result, the impact is always pleasing to the eye and not too bright.

Consider neon lights in Chicago, irrespective of your environment

Even though neon lights in Chicago have been on trend for a few years, their brightness and capacity to evoke a feeling of enthusiasm and optimism have made them even more popular in recent years.

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Influencers and celebrities both enjoy wearing neon colors. Besides, major businesses that have messages to convey and want to make a great impression with their event décor often use unique neon lights in Chicago.

Invest in reliable custom signs in Chicago

Chicago neon signs have been in use for over a century because they are affordable and effective at creating a great first impression. Moreover, they are excellent investments for businesses.

Custom neon lights in Chicago are strategically placed across the city to draw in customers and efficiently raise public awareness of brands.

Also, custom neon lights in Chicago convey a clear perception, capturing the attention of customers passing by.

Custom colorful neon lights in Chicago will be sure to impress! Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, and the signs all come with a 24-month warranty.

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