Neon Sign Gifting Options for Kids' Bedrooms

Neon Sign Gifting Options for Kids' Bedrooms

One of the things every single child on earth has in common is that they all adore lights. Christmas lights, disco lights, torches or flashlights, night lights, and neon lights. Children absolutely love them all which is exactly why this is a superb gifting solution for any kiddo who might be celebrating a birthday in the near future. 

Neon lights are great gifts because they are useful for decorating bedrooms, and for creating a tranquil vibe and they double as night lights so small kids won’t feel afraid to sleep all alone in their bedrooms. These lights are created in all sorts of themes or styles which means you can find one to suit your child’s exact bedroom theme or personality perfectly. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best gifting options if you are looking for a great neon sign to brighten up a child’s special day or bedroom.

Custom Name Neon Signs

A neon sign with your child’s own name is probably one of the most special gifts you can offer a little one who is celebrating a big day. You can get any name custom designed in the neon format in any font or color of your choosing. If you prefer, you can even include a little icon to the name like a little heart or star behind the name. 

Name neon signs are terrific wall decorations that will help create a fun and edgy bedroom that they will absolutely adore.

Cute Icon Neon Signs

Neon signs that portray a cute little image like a colorful bunny, a little princess crown, a cute cat sign, or a glowing banana can all be terrific decorative touches that can make bedrooms look a lot more fun. These cute signs can be made in all sorts of simple but adorable icons and they can be designed with just about any color under the sun. The great thing about these sweet signs is that they will never go out of trend and will add lots of charm no matter how many times your child’s interests change.

Bedroom-Theme Neon Signs

Neon signs can be designed for just about any bedroom theme because they will draw more focus to the theme and can make the bedroom look like a lot of fun.  A neon sign of a dinosaur will be a perfect decor item to add to a boy's dinosaur bedroom. For space-themed bedrooms, you can consider a neon astronaut, neon planets and stars, neon sunlight, or perhaps even a cool UFO neon sign

And if your child has some other bedroom theme like unicorns, my little pony, cars, planes, horses, or any other theme then you can always get a sign custom-made to suit these themes perfectly. 

Neon Night Lights

Neon signs are perfect night lights because they will offer just enough illumination to keep the monsters at bay without attracting any bugs. You can put these signs above the bed or on the bedside table to create a very cosy atmosphere. Nighttime signs like a little good night moon, a sweet dreams night light, a dream sign, or a neon sign in the shape of a little cloud can all be terrific solutions to guide your child through slumberland. 

Mini Night Lights

Mini night lights that you can pop up on a bedside table or desk are a terrific gifting solution if you are shopping on a tight budget or if the little one’s bedroom walls are already a little bit too overcrowded. There are so many great mini night lights in all sorts of designs that will add lots of charm without taking up too much space and you can even get a small sign custom-made exactly the way you want.

If you want to get these and many other neon light signs for your little one then it is time to reach out to Neon Party. This company specializes in neon signage and lighting and can create a perfect little light no matter how complex your sign needs might be.