Birthday neon lighs - neonpartys
Birthday neon lighs - neonpartys
Birthday neon lighs - neonpartys
Birthday neon lighs - neonpartys
Birthday neon lighs - neonpartys

It's my Birthday neon lighs party creative theme

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Average Turnaround (including production + delivery)= 2 weeks

Priority Production (+$144)= receive your order in 7 days.

If you choose Priority Production and your neon sign has not been delivered within 10 days, we will refund the priority production cost.

If you want to know if you can get your sign delivered by a certain date, please ask us in the chat or email:

How to add Priority Production to the order?

1. Go to your cart.

2. Find: Add Priority Production (1 week faster) to order: $135.00

3. Click the yellow ADD TO CART button

4. Finished!

Click to view a Google Drive folder with Photos and Videos of neon signs in the following range of colours:

All Colours


Warm White

Lemon Yellow

Golden Yellow



Deep Blue

Electric Blue

Ice Blue


Light Pink

Deep Pink



RGB & Colour Changing

What is an LED neon sign?

An LED neon sign is a lightweight, shatter-resistant neon light made from long flexible tubes that have been bent into various shapes and sizes.

Are LED neon signs safe? 

Our LED neon signs are very safe. They produce little to no heat, making them cool to the touch. Additionally, we use LED neon flex tubing which are non-toxic, high quality and also have a high flame retardancy.

What is the voltage?

All of our products have a voltage of 12 Volts. This low voltage helps make it safe for our neon signs to be turned on for a businesses' daily operating hours.

What is the average lifespan of an LED neon sign?

Our LED neon signs come with a lifetime of approx. 30,000 hours. 

Meaning if the: 

Neon sign is operating for 10 hours per day - it will last approx. 10 years. This is around 3x longer than traditional gas neon signs

The average lifespan of a battery-powered and USB-powered sign is less.

LED Neon Sign Unboxing Video: Watch on Youtube

What comes in your LED Neon Sign order:

- Your LED Neon Sign

- FREE Dimmer Remote: turn sign on/off, adjust the brightness level and activate the party/flash modes.

- Power cord (clear color)

- DC connector

- Power cord and Adaptor (black color)

- Power cord with connection plug (when ordering there is the choice of USA/Canada)

- Accessories (for DIY Installation): wall plugs and screws, hanging chain or steel wire. Pick which one you want when ordering.

- Installation Guide: easy to follow instructions for non-professional/ DIY installation.

- Thank you Card: scan to provide Google Review + 10% cashback offer

1-2 business days after you order, we will email the mock-up of your neon sign. The mock-up includes the design, measurements and other important details. 

If you are: 


Please reply with a confirmation email. The neon sign will then go into production only when we have received a confirmation email. 


Let us know in an email and we will revise the design and send you a free revised mock-up. 


If we do not receive a confirmation email within 3 DAYS, we will start manufacturing your order so you receive it in a timely manner.


If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your JUNK FOLDER. If it is not in your JUNK FOLDER please contact us via email:


If you want to cancel the order after receiving the mock-up, we will refund the order. However, orders can not be cancelled once they have been approved for production. 

Assemble first: Parts are included

How do I assemble my neon sign?

To set up your neon sign, all you need to do is:

Connect the clear powercord/s to the dimmer box, through to the power adapter, and then plug that into a powerpoint and watch it light up!  

How to Assemble Your Neon Sign Video Tutorial: Watch on Youtube

After the parts are connected, how do I turn on my neon sign?

Use your FREE dimmer remote to turn on/off, adjust brightness and turn on or adjust the party mode.

How to Operate Your Single Colour Dimmer Remote Video Tutorial: Watch on Youtube

How do I install my neon sign?

Our signs are very easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional.

We offer four different ways to display your neon sign, each with different accessories for installation.

These are:

-screw fixing

-wire hanging

-chain hanging

-acrylic stand

There is also the possibility to hang your sign with adhesive strips however this option is only available for small neon signs.

To view our easy-to-follow installation guides, please click here

Screw Fixing Tutorial: watch on Youtube

Chain Hanging Tutorial: watch on Youtube

What installation accessories are best for me?

If you are looking to mount your neon sign on a wall, we recommend our screw fixing kit. This will allow you to attach your neon securely using the pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing of your sign.

If you’d like to place your neon sign in a window, we suggest our hanging with chain or steel wire options. This will allow you to fix your sign from above, making it the perfect choice if you plan to display your sign in a shopfront.

If you plan to hang your neon sign up at a party, wedding, or event, we recommend either our hanging with chain or hanging with wire method. These options are great if you’re looking for something temporary or where wall mounting isn’t possible. They are designed to hang easily and work especially well on backdrops or mesh garlands.

If you are looking to use your neon sign as tabletop décor, we recommend our acrylic backboard option. This type of backing is versatile and sturdy, making it the perfect choice for signs that will be moved frequently. Best of all the base of the acrylic is detachable, giving you the option to mount or hang your sign on the wall should you wish to do so.

Use your discount code at the checkout. 

1. Enter the code in the Discount code bar. 

2. Press Apply 

3. Please give it a moment to load and adjust to the new subtotal.

Enjoy your discount! 

Our LED neon signs come with a 24 month warranty. This covers faulty items, when used appropriately. Please not that we require both a video and photo(s) for diagnostic and quality purposes.

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To custom "It's my Birthday neon lights"to celebrate your birthday is so creative!All your friends will be thumb up for the birthday party,Isn't it?Neon can be customized to the size you want, and it really is a big birthday surprise,custom Birthday neon lights for your party now! they are handmade and Made of environment-friendly silica gel material,So they are tasteless and it's very safe and comfortable to use at home, neon lights bring you more than just surprise, but also more love.

Birthday neon sign

Birthdays are all about celebration and wishes. It all lights up when the neon signs are turned on. These high-wavelength birthday neon signs ensure that everybody focuses on your special day. Install these birthday neon signs at your place to enhance the beauty and add an extra spark to your excitement. Decoration on birthdays is a tricky task.

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These can take most of your time, from deciding on the decoration material to finalizing the theme. Neon signs are a sure-shot way to deal with the stress that comes along with birthday decorations. A glowy effect will also make it look more authentic.

Decorating your place with its my birthday neon

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or planning a secret birthday celebration for your acquaintance, neon signs are a great way to make your place look more exciting and will give out the party vibes to your guests. Most birthday celebrations consist of traditional decoration items such as balloons or fringe foil curtains, but it's time we make things more exciting by adding birthday neon signs to parties. An its my birthday neon as a major highlight of your decor will make anyone come to your birthday party

It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl; if you are a teenager or in your fifties, we have all kinds of birthday neon signs available for all genres of people.

Benefits of a neon birthday sign

No heavy electric requirements

One of the most famous misconceptions that people incur about neon lights is that they have to set up huge electricity requirements for installing neon signs at their place, but the reality is somewhat the opposite. Neon lights do not need any special or heavy electric requirements to operate. Neon signs require minimal electricity output to work.

The best option for decoration

If you are also bored with the same traditional decoration for your birthday that uses balloons and banners, then you can go for 21st birthday neon sign. You can choose what wavelength neon signs you want to showcase on your birthday. If you want the party's mood to be somewhat soothing, then you can go for neon signs with smooth wavelengths, and in case you wish to make the party more exciting and rocking, then choosing high wavelength signs might suit the best. You can go with pre-designed birthday neon signs that include it's my birthday neon sign or neon birthday sign.

Re-usable and easy to set up

Another important reason to consider neon signs for birthday decoration is that you don't need to buy them on every birthday. Unlike balloons and banners you have to purchase yearly for birthday decoration, you can use neon signs again and again. It is a one-time purchase. All it takes is just reinstalling the neon sign, and you are good to go. It is super easy to install the neon signs; just plug and play, and then hang or place it on your desired spot.

Custom birthday neon signs

There are many options to choose from for various birthday neon signs, including it's my birthday neon and happy birthday light up sign; these are among the most preferred products by our customers. Don't worry if you want a unique birthday neon sign for your decoration. Neon signs are customizable; you can choose what you want to showcase through your birthday neon sign to make your moment even more special.

Why choose a neon birthday sign?

Neon signs are becoming a trend nowadays, and if you want the best and most precisely designed neon signs, you can consider us. The neon party has been a vital provider of neon signs all across the US and has a loyal customer base. We make sure that all our products are designed with superiority.

birthday neon lights

Custom make your own LED Neon Sign

Please have a look through the FAQ below and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

design your own neon sign

Design Process

What colours can I choose from?

What fonts can I choose from?

What sizes can I choose from?

What if I want a sign that I can't create using your custom tool?

Do you offer a free design service?

neon sign production

Product Information

Where are your signs made?

What is the minimum size for neon signs?

Can Neon Signs be Used Outdoors?

Can I get a freestanding LED neon light?

What Are the Small Marks On My Sign?

How Long Do LED Neon Signs Last?

Are These LED Neon Signs Safe?

Do They Require Any Maintenance?

Can LED Neon Signs Break? What Are They Made of?

What Kind of Backing Does the Neon Flexible Tube Have?

custom your neon sign

Returns and Exchanges

What is your the Return and Exchange Policy?

Does my new sign come with a warranty?

Can I use my indoor sign outside?

neon sign production


What's The Process for Customised Orders?

Does My Neon Sign Need Any Professional Installation?

How Do You Power the Neon Signs?

What's The Length of the Power Cord?

Do I need a remote and dimmer for my LED neon light?

free shipping neon


How Do I Get My Tracking Number?

When Will I Receive My Neon Sign/Artwork?

What are the shipping costs?

Why is the turnaround 2 weeks per order?

What if my sign is damaged in transit?

Custom Orders

What Other Types of Signs Can You Create?

Can you print an image on my sign?

How much do custom neon signs cost?

Why are neon light signs safer?

Payment methods:

Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information.

Light up your life with our quality LED neon signs! We provide personalized designs, open signs for businesses, wedding signs, home décor neon, kid's room neon, and more. All signs are handmade from environmentally friendly materials and have no smell, whether used at home or in your business. They are completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and come with a 24 month warranty. Design your own neon online or upload a logo or image to get a free quote on your custom design. 


Tell Us. We Custom Your Size

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