Our Top 5 Neon Wedding Signs for That Special Day

Wedding festivities are best shared with friends and loved ones, and the celebrations may or may not include a wonderful reception, a bottle of sparkling, wedding cake, and many other festive activities. As a truly unique and special day in the lives of both the bride and the groom, there will most certainly be lots of memorable photos taken and one of the best ways to capture the moment is with vibrant neon wedding signs perfect for the occasion.

Below are five of our most popular neon signs for weddings:

01. Til Death Do Us Party Neon Wedding Sign

Ring in the wedding reception with our Til Death Do Us Party Neon Wedding Sign, which can be placed at the table of the newlyweds or hung from a wall nearby to kick off the celebrations. This sign features the text “‘TIL Death DO US Party” which is, of course, a play on the good ol’ fashioned “‘til death do us part” and the emphasis on a festive party for all to enjoy.

02. WILL YOU Marry Me Neon Wedding Sign

Probably best used before planning the wedding, our WILL YOU Marry Me Neon Wedding Sign is one fantastic sign when popping the question as well as after she’s said “yes,” whereby you can recreate the moment for photographs with this centerpiece neon sign. Naturally, this sign is probably a lot safer to buy if the fiancee has already agreed to marriage!

This sign features in bold block text “WILL YOU” and, in a stylish cursive font underneath, “Marry Me?” This sign is great not just for couples to be wed, but it’s a great piece to have if you’re a wedding photographer or event planner as you can similarly capture (or rather, recreate) the moment with your clients wearing their best.

03. All Love Romantic Neon Sign

Share moments of love with your partner with our All Love Romantic Neon Sign. This simple sign features text in a cursive font reading “All love,” simple and straightforward.

While certainly adaptable to many rooms of the home or even in a retail shop, this sign certainly fits well in the bedroom and serves as a reminder of the love and joy shared between two loving adults. Bring all of the love into your home with this vibrant neon sign.

04. Happily Ever After X Neon Sign

Another classic wedding neon sign worth considering for that special day is our Happily Ever After X Neon Sign. This vibrant neon sign features a cursive font reading “Happily Ever After” with a “X” as a kiss at the end.

This sign fits well at just about all wedding venues and looks stunning when hung from a pergola or gazebo, especially near the newlyweds table at a wedding reception.

05. Love Neon Lights

Perhaps our most simple sign symbolizing love and not necessarily weddings (although they’d certainly be a hit there too) is our Love Neon Lights. This sign features a simple cursive font with the text “love” surrounded by a heart symbol. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward, pretty effective.

There’s so much love to go around, so why not share those precious moments with this lovely little neon sign?

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