Inspire with These 5 Gym-Appropriate Neon Signs

The journey to a healthy and active life starts with a single step, to borrow an old saying. Fitness centers and gyms across the United States give individuals the facilities needed to live their best and most fulfilling lives, and dedicated customers can spend hours upon hours every week at your gym trying to achieve their very best.

Inspire your gym community with positive and upbeat messages from neon signs available at Neon Party. We’ve got many gym-appropriate and gym-themed neon signs that can keep your customers inspired and active, making those hours of sweat and effort meaningful. Here are our top five gym-themed neon signs for your gym or fitness center:

01. Ski Goggles Neon Sign

For most people, sculpting and toning the body indoors at a gym is done to look great outdoors as well as to feel perfectly in shape. Evoke imagery of the ski slopes at your gym with our Ski Goggles Neon Sign, a clever sign featuring the silhouette of ski goggles with the reflection of the Rocky Mountains and lush green trees shown.

This neon sign looks great in a gym or even in a home or business where your customers want to lead an active lifestyle that involves skiing or snowboarding in the winter. You can customize this sign, available in six different sizes and separate colors available for each of the elements of the sign.

02. Health Club Neon Lights

Perhaps one of the most important neon signs to have in your gym or fitness studio is a custom Health Club Neon Lights sign featuring the name of your business for all to see. This sign features the filler text “Sanctuary” Fitness Studio, but you can (and should) customize this to feature the name of your fitness studio or gym yourself.

Choose from four different sizes for this custom neon gym sign and two dozen vibrant colors. Let us know what text you would like (to replace “Sanctuary”) and our team will assemble a fully customized sign branded to your specifications.

03. Run Lift Climb Neon Sign

The name “gym” might sound a little more apt than “place where people pick up things then put them down over and over again,” even though essentially that’s what many customers do at a gym! Well, there’s that and there’s also running and - depending on the type of gym - climbing.

Our Run Lift Climb Neon Sign is pretty straightforward and simply features the text “RUN LIFT CLIMB” in straight, capitalized block letters. It’s a simple message, and one that can be taken in the imperative, commanding customers to get to work and run, lift, climb, and achieve their fitness goals.

This sign is available in four different sizes and a dozen different colors.

04. LED Neon Signs for Gym

Looking for something a little spicier for your gym? Our LED Neon Signs for Gym feature a couple of fit, fine young ladies and an “18+” text in between that will look fantastic in a combat sports, MMA, or boxing gym - or anywhere else with an age restriction to enter your business.

This sign is only available in one size and a default color palette.

05. Never Give Up Dumbbell Neon Light

Sometimes, it’s okay to call it quits, such as quitting laziness and getting back into shape! Our Never Give Up Dumbbell Neon Light is a simple sign featuring a powerful message over its lifted dumbbell graphic of “NEVER GIVE UP.”

Choose from four different sizes and a dozen different colors for the text, dumbbell, and counterweights.

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