Ho, Ho, Hold Onto Your Dollars - 5 Great Christmas Neon Sign Bundles

Ho, Ho, Hold Onto Your Dollars - 5 Great Christmas Neon Sign Bundles

It’s almost that time of year again - Christmas trees and lights going up, eggnog and gingerbread cookies on the table, and annual reruns of Christmas Vacation. It’s also that time of year for shopping for last-minute deals, and what better way to light up your home this Christmas season than with brand new LED neon signs, especially with bundle discounts at Neon Party? Below are our top five Christmas neon sign bundles to brighten up the festive mood: 

01. Gingerbread Man Christmas Gift Bundle

A happy little gingerbread man is a great way to make little ones and adults alike smile, so pick up our Gingerbread Man Christmas Gift Bundle and get a vibrant gingerbread man neon sign bundled with a classic Merry Christmas neon sign with a little mistletoe both bundled together at 50% off.

The gingerbread man neon sign features a happy little gingerbread man waving hello, welcoming guests and loved ones into your cozy home this Christmas. The Merry Christmas sign is self-explanatory, a classic cursive font with the simple “Merry Christmas” message and a little mistletoe in the top-left corner.

02. Snowman Reindeer Christmas Gift Bundle

Bring Frosty and Rudolph indoors for some comfort this year with our Snowman Reindeer Christmas Gift Bundle. This bundle gets you a cute and happy little snowman neon sign with a cozy scarf and hat and a signature carrot nose, as well as a simple, cartoonish little reindeer neon sign with a smile.

Save 50% and order online at Neon Party for our Snowman Reindeer Christmas Gift Bundle today.

03. Santa Tree Christmas Gift Bundle

What’s Christmas without the fat ol’ man magically squeezing down the chimney to deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls? Our Santa Tree Christmas Gift Bundle is the perfect duo: a jolly Santa Claus carrying his sack of toys and a nice little green Christmas tree. No need to put this gift under the tree; unpack it and keep it up during the festive season!

04. Present & Tree Gift Bundle

Another neon sign bundle that’s best unpacked before Christmas is our Present & Tree Gift Bundle. This bundle contains a simple little green Christmas tree with ornaments as well as a simple little gift box. These simple neon signs are great in just about any home for the festive season and their simple design leaves a lot to the imagination, such as “what’s under the tree waiting for me this year?”

05. Personalized Bundle Gift for Teen Girls

Why settle for the same old neon signs that everyone else has in their homes when you can design and create your own unique personalized neon sign? Our Personalized Bundle Gift for Teen Girls has two signs, the first being our best-selling “It Was All a Dream” neon sign perfect for teenage girls and many others, the second a fully customizable neon sign with your own text. Put your daughter’s name, a silly or clever slogan or expression… the sky’s the limit! 

Neon Party has many fully customizable neon signs, including unique graphic designs with or without custom text, giving you complete freedom to design your very own neon sign exactly how you want. See our custom signs or contact us for more information.

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