Celebrate Valentine's Day with these Top 5 Neon Signs

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these Top 5 Neon Signs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if love is in the air for you and your spouse or romantic partner, then that certainly means spending quality time together. Whether it’s at a nice restaurant or spent cooking together at home, the day certainly makes for a good occasion to enjoy the time and ambience together.

Neon signs are a great addition to your home or business for Valentine’s Day or for any other time of year when you want to share the love. Below are five of our USA best sellers for romantic neon signs at Neon Party:

01. Love Heart Neon Light

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with one of our best sellers, our Love Heart Neon Light. There isn’t much to say about this sign as it’s simply a little heart symbol, but sometimes simplicity is all you need. This sign is available in six sizes and over a dozen different colors to choose from, so customize your heart sign and hang it up on the wall in your living room, bedroom, or in your restaurant.

02. Korean Finger Heart Neon Sign

There’s no denying the growing popularity of Korean culture, especially in pop music and television series that have made their way to America. Our Korean Finger Heart Neon Sign is a simple little hand gesture common in Korea and many parts of Asia that means love, and our neon sign has a little heart symbol just above the finger gesture to make the message crystal clear.

Hang this sign up in your cafe or restaurant or put it on the wall at home to send the positive message of love. This sign can be purchased in four different sizes and has two fully customizable colors, one for the hand gesture and the other for the heart, each with over a dozen colors.

03. Double Heart Neon Sign

Double the hearts and double the love with our Double Heart Neon Sign this February - or any time of the year, actually. This simple little sign available in seven sizes and a dozen colors can make a powerful impression and set the mood, especially if you go with the standard red color for its nice afterglow.

This sign is self-explanatory: it’s two simple heart symbols joined together, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of love between you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.

04. Til Death Neon Sign

Sometimes, love blossoms into a lasting relationship leading to marriage. That joyful event is one that should last a lifetime, or as the saying goes “until death do you part.” Our Til Death Neon Sign is a great sign for weddings and married couples as a reminder of their vows to one another. This sign simply features the text “Til Death” in a fancy cursive font and can be ordered in five different sizes and a dozen different colors.

05. Funny Name Heart Small Neon Sign

Want something more unique for your home that’ll look great all year round? Our Funny Name Heart Small Neon Sign can be designed to have your name (we’ve used a sample name “Emily” in the example photos) in a stylish font inside of a nice little heart symbol. Customize your own sign with your own text, three different sizes, and over a dozen colors for both the text and the heart symbol.

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