Celebrate National Doughnut Day With These 5 Neon Signs

Celebrate National Doughnut Day With These 5 Neon Signs

Celebrated on the first Friday of June every year, National Doughnut Day may not be the most exciting date on your calendar unless you’re Homer Simpson. That being said, the almighty doughnut has quite a long and interesting history that goes well beyond the scope of this post, but suffice to say few industrial innovations have had quite the gastronomical impact as “The Wonderful Almost Human Automatic Donut Machine” that was able to automate the baking of over 1,000 doughnuts per hour in late 1920s New York.

While our neon signs may not have names as catchy as that, our doughnut-themed neon signs are sure to please:

01. Coffee Donuts Neon Sign

Rosemary and steak, chocolate and peanut butter, coffee and doughnuts - all are great alone, but a match made in heaven when combined. Our Coffee Donuts Neon Sign is just a simple little neon sign showcasing a sprinkled doughnut and the text “DONUTS” and “COFFEE.” Pretty self-explanatory, pretty appetite-inducing, pretty good choice for a coffee shop owner or bakery!

This sign is available in over a dozen colours and four sizes and it is best located in a cafe, confectioner’s shop, bakery, or other related business.

02. Small Cute Donuts Sign

Looking for a cute little doughnut for your home or business? Our Small Cute Donuts Sign is just that, a glazed and sprinkled doughnut that looks great in a wide variety of settings (not just in coffee shops). Without any text or clutter, the sign is minimalistic, simple and straightforward. The clean contour is separated into two distinct parts, the dough itself on the bottom and the glazing and sprinkles on top, each of which can be mixed and matched beyond the default colours shown in the photographs.

Liven up your interior spaces with this vibrant doughnut neon sign and choose from over a dozen colours and four convenient sizes. 

03. Donut Neon Sign for Shop

Cafe owners, bakeries, and just about any other shop that wants to stand out from the competition should consider our Donut Neon Sign for Shop sign, so long as you actually sell doughnuts of course. The sign features the text “DONUTS” with the “O” being a doughnut itself.

Keep in mind that this sign is relatively short and wide and has a long and clear acrylic background, so it may require some clever placement to stand out. Try placing it on a window or along your product in the background.

04. Donut Shop Neon Sign

Another great choice for bakeries and cafes is our Donut Shop Neon Sign, which features a large doughnut seen from a faux-isometric/top-down point of view, with the text “DONUT SHOP” in a fancy font somewhat resembling a 50s American diner aesthetic.

This sign has quite a few customisation options, so feel free to toggle through the various features on the product page to select the best version for your doughnut shop.

05. Donut LED Sign

Looking for a simple, clean doughnut sign for home or your business? Our Donut LED Sign is another simple sign that doesn’t detract from your shop’s aesthetic but simply complements the fact that you sell tasty glazed doughnuts. This sign is simply a glazed doughnut from a top-down view, featuring simple contours and customisable colours.

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