Back to School, Back to Cool with These Top 5 Neon Signs

 Have you got children that are going back to school in the fall? Maybe you’re a college student going back for another hectic semester or perhaps you’re the parent of a younger child that may have some trepidation about getting back into the yearly school routine.

Set their mind at ease with these fun and colorful neon signs perfect for back to school shopping and well into the school year:

01. Playstation Neon Sign

Gaming is a big part of many childrens’ lives, and our Playstation Neon Sign is a cool addition to their bedroom that showcases their hobby in vibrant color. This simple sign features the four buttons on a Playstation controller, namely the triangle, circle, X and square buttons. It’s pretty straightforward and instantly recognizable to anyone that’s ever gamed in the past 30 years, but the simple yet bright colors add ambience for you or your child’s room.

02. Cool Basketball Frame Neon Wall Art

For younger children that enjoy sports and a healthy lifestyle, our Cool Basketball Frame Neon Wall Art is a simple little sign that captures the fun of a little good ol’ basketball. It simply features a basketball frame with the net and backing - three elements total, all of which can be customized with various colors. Of course, you may prefer leaving the default colors as-is for a classic basketball frame, but you could also customize it to match the color scheme of your child’s bedroom as well.

03. Paddington Bear Neon Sign

The beloved Paddington Bear from “the darkest Peru” has always been a favorite of children all around the world, and this furry little ursine companion also saw something of a rise in popularity with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Our Paddington Bear Neon Sign is a neon sign inspired by the raincoat-wearing bear, who is seen reclining and diligently taking notes while wearing his signature red hat and yellow rain boots.

For children of all ages that love Paddington Bear, this sign is a definite must-have and makes for a great way to inspire them to be productive and diligent as they go back to school for another year.

04. Dream Neon Lights

It used to be (and maybe still is) the case that calling someone a “dreamer” was something of a pejorative, implying that the person has their head in the clouds rather than here on solid ground. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a dreamer, however, and perhaps more of us may want to relax a little and get more quality sleep with a sign like our Dream Neon Lights in the bedroom.

Sleep easy and get up on time for school with this simple little sign featuring the word “dream” surrounded by a thought bubble. Don’t forget to turn the brightness of the light down at night to get a good night’s sleep, though!

05. Cool UFO Neon Sign

Are aliens really visiting Earth? Do they really operate flying saucers or do UFOs look more like the famous tic-tacs seen in recent years? The truth may very well be out there… For younger children, however, their curiosity and imagination can be inspired by our Cool UFO Neon Sign which features a stereotypical flying saucer, either emitting light from the bottom or using its tractor beam to suck up cows in the middle of the night - who knows?

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