5 Vibrant Neon Signs for Your Bar or Night Club Venue

5 Vibrant Neon Signs for Your Bar or Night Club Venue

5 Vibrant Neon Signs for Your Bar or Night Club Venue

Whether you’re the proud owner of a local watering hole, trendy night club, sports bar, dive bar, or just about any such establishment where patrons gather to imbibe their favorite beverages, a vibrant neon sign is one of the best ways to add ambience and style within your business.

Bright neon signs are a great addition to a bar or night club and Neon Party has a wide selection of bar-themed neon signs to choose from. Here are our top five neon signs for bars or night clubs.

01. Customizable Logo LED Neon Sign

Why settle for the same old neon sign that every other bar is using in your town or city? Neon Party has a fully Customizable Logo LED Neon Sign that lets you pick and choose from a huge selection of colors, fonts and sizes. Or, you can upload a photo or mockup of your design and our team will bring your design to life in full, vibrant color!

Note that the default sign shown here uses a sample beer brand, one that rhymes with “Killer Bite” (replace the first letter of each word with M and L), but the sky’s the limit in terms of possibilities for your customizable sign.

02. Custom Bar/Beer Neon Sign

Another great idea for your bar or night club is our Custom Bar/Beer Neon Sign. This sign has a standard graphic of two frothy beer mugs and room for text underneath (2 separate lines). You can fully customize the text below on the first line, such as “[Your name]’s Bar” and choose a date “Est. 2023” for the bottom-most text, for example.

As with many of our signs, you’re also fully able to customize the colors for the beer mugs and both text lines in over a dozen colors.

03. Personalized Bar Open Sign

Following on our trend of customizable bar signs, our Personalized Bar Open Sign is a great neon sign to have at the entrance to your establishment, e.g. in a window. This sign features a frothy beer mug and the standard text “Bar” and “Open” although both of these can be changed if you prefer.

This sign is available in four different sizes and nearly all of the elements can be customized in over a dozen colors.

04. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

A fun, classic neon sign that can look great in many bars is our Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas neon sign. As one would expect, this sign is a miniature replica of the landmark Las Vegas sign. Perhaps no other city on Earth has popularized the neon sign like Sin City, so it’s only appropriate that one of the most famous neon signs from Las Vegas would make for such an iconic sign for your own bar or club.

While this sign is customizable (yes, you can change the text!), you’ll certainly enjoy the original as-is.

05. Cool Cocktail Bar Neon Sign

Want a simple yet effective neon sign for your cocktail bar? Keep it simple with our Cool Cocktail Bar Neon Sign. This sign simply features the text “Cocktail Bar” and, well, probably looks best behind the bar, of course!

Choose from four different sizes and a dozen different colors for this vibrant sign.

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