Our Top 5 Summer-Themed Neon Signs

Our Top 5 Summer-Themed Neon Signs

Summer’s in full swing and what better way to set the mood for evening festivities than with a stylish summer-themed neon sign? Neon Party has a wide selection of pre-designed signs as well as fully customizable neon lights for your home or business, with options that look great both indoors and outdoors when the sun goes down.

Below are our top five summer-themed neon signs: 

01. Flamingo Neon Light

Fancy pink flamingos certainly are iconic, evoking a Miami Beach aesthetic with their magnificent silhouette. Our Flamingo Neon Light will look great indoors or outdoors for any summer party or simply to decorate your home or business with this iconic sign.

While there are dozens of colors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with the default hot pink color. Mix and match with electric blue lighting for a very 80s vaporwave aesthetic. There are five sizes to choose from and the sign can also be ordered in a weatherproof variant, ideal for outdoor summer parties.

02. Yes to Champagne Neon Sign

Crack open your best bottle of bubbly to celebrate with friends and/or family in the glow of our Yes to Champagne Neon Sign. Whether you prefer your champagne as-is or served as a trendy mimosa, the answer should always be a resounding “yes”.

This sign features the stylised text “Yes to champagne” and looks just as great in a brunch restaurant, bar, or upscale lounge as it does in the home. Choose from a dozen colors and three different sizes and enjoy the celebrations with your bottle(s) of champagne.

03. Ice Cream Solves Everything Neon Sign

When temperatures rise, cool reprieve is something we all yearn for. And what better way to cool off than with a scoop or two of tasty ice cream? Our Ice Cream Solves Everything Neon Sign might not solve the hot weather itself, but it can definitely point you in the right direction - to enjoy some ice cream!

This sign features a simple bold font with the text “ICE CREAM SOLVES” and a stylish cursive “everything” just below. This sign can be customized in over a dozen colors and three different sizes. Best suited for retail shops selling ice cream, of course, but can be just as stylish in your home as well.

04. Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

In many states, the long winters might not be the best time to show off your body, especially if you’re covered in layers and wearing mitts and winter boots. When nice weather rolls around and those layers gradually come off, it’s time to show off your gorgeous self.

Our Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign is a great choice for homes and businesses, especially during summer months when you can feel your very best. Choose from a dozen different colors and six different sizes.

05. Sunshine State of Mind Neon Sign

The long summer days and late sunsets can be enjoyable, especially with good company. Our Sunshine State of Mind Neon Sign emphasizes the importance of joy by evoking thoughts of happy, sunny days.

It features a stylish “Sunshine state of mind” text that looks fantastic in the default golden yellow color, but of course you can pick and choose from nearly 20 different colours to match the aesthetic of your home or business. Available in three sizes.

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