How to create a safe &cheap neon sign

How to create a safe &cheap neon sign

*How to Creative a custom neon

-Only tree step to create a custom neon 100% fit you!Here are two ways to customize a neon sign

1. Custom a text neon sign: quick custom design use the online tool on the website to customize your own neon sign in 3 minutes, there are 36 fonts and 22 colors to choose from, choose your size to get a good price, For the price you could not believe how well it is made.

2. Custom a LOGO neon sign:This approach is used to customize more complex patterns and text graphics. sash as shapes and LOGO, etc. You need to to tell us more about your mind or upload image/LOGO to us , then and our designer will design the effect according to you within 12 hours.

Custom neon -NeonPartys

Custom A LOGO neon sign

* Neon led signs is perfect elegant piece of holiday decor
Create a custom neon sign to get absolutely a wonderful experience! Custom your own personalized neon sign and add a pop of color to your next event.Neon light sign is perfect for weddings, birthday parties , kids bedroom a very amazing cool wall art for Daily home decoration or party theme decoration, Of course, neon lights are also used for commercial, commercial neon lights can increase your business, commercial neon lights can be designed for thematic shooting backdrops, such as Christmas themed decor; more companies are designed into colorful neon lights according to their own LOGO, making their own signs more attractive and unique!  

Neon lights can give a shop very good vibes and increase business so led neon light sign is more popular in coffee shops, bars, cafes, and salons; and neon lights are prominently displayed in beauty salons and barber shops; neon signs can be seen in nightclubs and yoga studios.

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*Are the gorgeous neon lights safe?

Led gorgeous neon light is very safe, it's different to the vintage neon signs. Vintage neon lights are made of energized glass tubes with dilute neon gas or other rare gases, It breaks easily and produces toxic gas when it breaks and is easily injured。but this modern new neon light is handmade, it made of environmentally friendly high quality LED flex cased in flex rubber tubing and acrylic backing,So it won't break,There is no odor, no toxic gas, and the neon sign very bright, but doesn't get hot, it is very safe to touch. So, Many parents use their children's names to custom a name neon light sign as creative gifts to decorate their kids room, and I have to say, it's a very special night light for them, This beautiful neon light keeps children feeling safe ,Because When they wakes in the night they can turn it on remotely and its soft light comforts them with children room neon.

gorgeous neon light sign

*Is custom neon expensive?

In fact, led neon signs has low energy consumption rate, making them cheaper to power than vintage neon signs.and it's long lasting, In addition to this, neon light's price also depends on your design, the dimensions and the length of the LED tube used to create your masterpiece. Anyway, will it be a price you can afford, custom a custom neon light sign from $59,you can't beat the price!! It's probably cheaper than hire neon lights.

*How to install neon sign

Does neon light sign easy to install? The answer is yes! All of our neon LED signs come with pre-drilled holes,it's not too heavy so it can easily be hung and wall mounting.Both boys and girls can be easily installed, all of our neon light sign with dimmer so that you can Adjust light brightness to suit your needs.

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*Why are neon lights so popular?

Buy a creative light up sign absolutely a wonderful experience, Whether it's a proposal party, Bridal Shower, birthday neon sign, home parties and home decor,even for business, Neon sign will be a great addition to any event! It's also a Millions compliment funny backdrop, The color is radiant and bubbly. Everyone who sees it comments on how nice it is. take it home and you will received a lot of compliments. Neon lights will give your space a very cool vibe and make your event unique and more successful.

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*Is the neon light easy to break? Is there a warranty?

Modern led neon lights don't break easily. Neon lights have a 2-year warranty, but they can be used for much longer.Handmade neon lights use transparent wires Make it more beautiful! Built-in led light strip, it can be used for more than 5 years, No flickering or unlit lights, If this problem occurs, we are willing to replace your neon light with a new one.

Custom a personalized neon light signs to light up your life! I think a handmade, safe and affordable neon light is the best gift for family, friends or someone you care, Show your love with this special gift