Our Top 5 Neon Signs for Gamers

Our Top 5 Neon Signs for Gamers

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer or you know someone who is, there’s no doubt that the gamer aesthetic is now fairly mainstream. Many gamers - especially streamers - decorate their rooms with RGB lighting which can give off a cool aesthetic, especially when paired with RGB peripherals, but a gaming neon sign can really stand out as a statement piece.

Below are our top five neon signs for gamers:

01. Retro Game Controller Neon Sign

Older generations with fond memories of late night sleepovers playing Super NES or Sega Mega Drive classics until the wee hours of the morning will surely appreciate our Retro Game Controller Neon Sign. This retro sign features two old-school game controllers reminiscent of the days when console gaming in front of the TV was in its prime, sitting atop the text “GAMES.”

Stick this neon sign up in a man cave or gaming room and relive your days of retro gaming. This sign is available in four different sizes.

02. Just One More Game Neon Sign

Can’t get enough of your favourite game and queue for match after match? Our Just One More Game Neon Sign gets the message across plainly. This sign features the text “JUST ONE MORE GAME” with various letters replaced by the symbols used on a PlayStation controller, but it doesn't really matter if you’re more of an XBOX, Nintendo, or PC gamer as the message is quite clear.

This sign looks great in an all-purpose gaming room (even if it isn’t just for video games) or in a bedroom on a wall in front of or behind the monitor. We’ve got four different sizes and over a dozen customisable colours for the text and for each of the button symbols.

03. KILLING IT Neon Sign

While more of a motivational sign, our KILLING IT Neon Sign is a great choice for gamers too, especially those that are into competitive games and e-sports. Whether you’re killin’ it on the virtual battlefield in your favourite first-person shooter or you’re more into sports, racing, adventure, puzzle or any other sort of game, this sign gets the message across. The sign simply features the bold text “KILLING IT” with the letters squeezed vertically.

Choose from a dozen colours and six different sizes.

04. We Play to Win Neon Sign

Our We Play to Win Neon Sign is a tad more popular than our “we play to lose” signs. Winning is fun, especially when it’s earned and comes about from stiff competition. Playing to win is a great competitive mindset and this neon sign can look great in a bedroom or gaming studio.

Stick this sign someplace where it’ll stand out, whether that’s for your streaming audience or for IRL friends that want to come over for a couple of rounds of console gaming.

05. Game Controller Neon Light

Looking for a simple gaming sign that stands out? Our Game Controller Neon Light features a simple modern gaming controller, but of course for copyright reasons it’s not exactly like an XBOX or PlayStation controller. In any case, the symbol is easily understood and the message is clearly conveyed: this house is a gaming house.

All of the features on the controller sign can be customised, and the sign is available in four different sizes.

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