Mother's Day Neon Signs to Brighten Up Her Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on 12 May 2024, and it’s certainly a great opportunity to show your mum the love with a nice gift. Neon signs can be a great gift to brighten up her day, in all senses of the word, while also brightening up the home and setting the mood for a peaceful and joyous occasion.

Fortunately, Neon Party has wonderful neon signs just for that occasion. Wherever you live in the United States, pick up a vibrant neon sign from our collection. Some of our top picks are:

01. Happy Mother’s Day Neon Light

One of our best sellers for Mother’s Day is our simple and straightforward Happy Mother’s Day Neon Light. This happy neon sign features the text “Happy Mother’s Day” with a neat little flair on the word “Mother’s” adding character.

Hang this sign up on the wall indoors or, weather permitting, leave it outdoors for a backyard barbecue party with our outdoor waterproof option available for this sign. Either way, this lovely sign is sure to make for a great background for her special day.

This sign is available in four large sizes ranging from 20” x 12.6” up to 35” x 22.6” and over two dozen colors.

02. I Love You Mum Neon Wall Art

Another simple sign that gets straight to the point is our I Love You Mum Neon Wall Art, featuring the text “I Love You MOM” in a simple font without any frills. This sign is perhaps a little more perennial when compared to the previous sign, making it great to hang up in the home all year long.

This sign is likewise available in four sizes from 19.7” x 11.1” up to 39.2” x 22.4” and two dozen colors.

03. Love You Mom Neon Sign

Following the trend of the previous sign, our Love You Mom Neon Sign is another simple way to show your mom how much you love her. This sign features the text “love you Mom” in a whimsical, fun and cursive font with three different colors for each word. Mix and match each to create a unique and complementary color palette for your home (or your mum’s home).

Choose from three different sizes ranging from 20” x 20.5” to 27.5” x 28”.

04. Best Mum Love You Neon Art

According to official world records, your mom is indeed the world’s best mom for yet another year running. Our Best Mum Love You Neon Art is a little more longlasting than a coffee mug with the same message, and it simply features the text “Best Mum / Love you” with a little heart symbol.

This fun sign looks fantastic in a bedroom or home office, and like many of our other signs is available in four sizes and two dozen colors.

05. I Love Mum Neon & Heart Neon Light

A beautiful design for a beautiful day, our I Love Mum Neon & Heart Neon Light is a little more unique and complements the text “I LOVE MOM” with three little heart symbols, one around each word.

In fact, this sign is fully customizable and you can change the words for each heart as well as the colors for each.

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Brighten up your mother’s day with cool signs from Neon Party.